Teaching Seminar for Chinese teachers at the Confucius Institute in Bergen

Teaching Seminar 2019!

A seminar on how to improve Chinese teaching in Norway was held at the Confucius Institute in Bergen on 15th -16th March.

The Chinese teachers, who are working in Svolvær, Molde, Osterøy and Flekke and at the University of Bergen, at the Law faculty (UiB), at the Chinese school and at Amalie Skram videregående skole, attended the seminar.

The seminar was divided into three parts:

In part one new teachers, who came to Norway last year, gave reports on “What I have learned from teaching in Norway”. The participants enjoyed this opportunity to talk with each other.

Part two dealt with pedagogical training on teaching Chinese in Norway. Three experienced teachers discussed the key challenges to improving teaching quality in Norway, thus giving valuable guidance and information to the participants.

In part three tests and assessment at UiB, Flekke and Amalie Skram videregående skole were introduced and discussed.

These seminars are held every year and the CIB works hard to improve the teaching standards. “Building strong intercultural relationships and learning to cooperate tightly from a global mindset, is essential to improve Chinese teaching in Norway”, emphasized Rune Ingebrigtsen, the Norwegian director of the Confucius Institute in Bergen.